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About Universal School

Universal School of Foreign Languages is one of the leading foreign languages & computer languages institute in gurgaon being in the education industry for the past 15 years, our Institute offers specially designed foreign languages courses with quality contents coupled with better learning environment & provide computer courses with labs and software. Our trainers largely concentrate on modern teaching methods and devote themselves in improvising foreign language speaking ability of every student.  It gives more importance to current changing trend of business and trading between two different countries for which speaking fluently is highly essential.

With this fast growing globalization world, it is important to learn different languages and set your selves in the country which you will be visiting or residing. And to set in that environment it is essential to speak language of that country, this is what Universal School wants to offer. At Universal School we are committed to offer the best foreign language course for beginners. Every course will be delivered by well trained and experienced professional trainers who will train you to set a benchmark in languages education. Learning under world class facility, our institute will help students to change according to the world changes. Universal School imparts training in languages like German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. Besides this, it also offers translation and interpretation service which is much more needed in current globalization trend.

There are many foreign companies which are looking out for people who are fluent in foreign languages with all sense. So taking this as an opportunity, this institute is offering the best language course which you were searching to get into. Right from speaking to translation, Universal School will guide you in every step during the course to set a benchmark once you complete the course. True dedication and hard work will really work wonders once you step out of the institute after completing the course.


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